Governor Training

We expect our governors to undertake any training that will enable them to carry out their role more effectively.

New Governors training from the LEA ~ New Governors receive information and training with regard to the role of a school governor. This training allows the governors to get involved, share ideas and resources with colleagues and informs them how to log onto Stockport’s ‘Learning Leads’ where they can access course materials and development resources, use the ‘Governor Development Area’ or browse the ‘Governors Library’.

In house training ~ Governors attend curriculum development groups each half term which includes all key curriculum areas, training and information sharing regarding school’s assessment and achievement process. The governors have received e-safety and safeguarding training and last year attended meetings on phonics and reading progression. This academic year the areas of focus are writing and measure and staff are currently preparing training sessions for the governing body.

Safeguarding ~The training assists Safeguarding Governors in recognising the role they play in the safeguarding of children and young people. It explains the importance of implementing and maintaining appropriate safeguarding practice The training delivers information for governors to have a better understanding of relevant legislation, statutory guidance and responsibility of school staff and governing boards, different types of abuse, different roles in the management of safeguarding

Safer Recruitment ~ Governors have attended this training to gain the safeguarding skills needed to better protect children while recruiting staff and volunteers to roles in education in line with the Department for Education’s ‘Keeping children safe in education’ guidance. The areas covered include preparing to recruit and selecting the right people in addition to assessing the risks in order to develop appropriate policies and procedures for our school.

Restorative approaches ~ This training highlights restorative practice to create a more harmonious learning environment where children are encouraged to self-regulate their own behaviour and learning. The restorative approach training is effective in improving behaviour and learning and developing relationships for all stakeholders within school.

LAC and PEP ~ All children that are looked after must have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which is reviewed regularly in conjunction with their Looked After Child (LAC) review. The PEP forms part of their care plan. Governors were informed regarding the individual sections for health, SEN, pupil premium, attainment results and future needs and intervention. The PEP allows the local authority to gain a wide range of data and ultimately produce a number of different reports that are vital to monitoring a child’s progression whilst in care.

Chair of governors conference ~ The chair of governors is ultimately responsible for leading the school’s activities; specifically its educational character, mission, its senior management structure and its financial solvency. The conference is attended by our chair in order for her to continue to fulfil this role with confidence and assurance.