Tiger Class is in Step 3 phase of school and caters for the learning needs of 7 children with autistic spectrum conditions, supported by two part-time teachers and 4 teaching assistants. The children follow Valley School’s child centred, Step 3 curriculum which offers exciting learning opportunities with a heavy focus on building communication, play and self-help skills taught through half termly topics.

The learning environment is heavily influenced by the principles of both speech and language and occupational therapy to ensure that children have access to strategies which enhance communication opportunities and meet their sensory needs. Children have regular access to outdoor play, the sensory integration room, the white room and ball pool as well as a calming area within the classroom and a quiet work zone. We work closely with our Speech and Language therapist and our Occupational Therapist.

Our learning always has the unique child at the centre and as we are a Step 3 class there is a strong focus learning through real life experiences. We regularly go out into the wider community as well as working on independence skills.

Our Topic This Half Term

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