Our specialist Early Years provision is based in Ladybirds Class and caters for pupils within the Foundation Stage who have a wide and varied range of needs including profound and multiple learning difficulties, complex medical needs, sensory impairment and autism. It is part of Valley’s Step 1 phase. The classroom has two defined areas which incorporate the 7 areas of learning in the early years’ foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum. It is designed to incorporate independent play as well as having areas where the children will be encouraged to take part in more focused teaching and learning activities. In Ladybirds Class we also have a canopy area and an engaging outside area. We are able to access the outside area in all weather conditions and we encourage the children to use this space to enhance their learning needs.

The children follow a highly differentiated EYFS curriculum which emphasises learning through play. Our aim is to provide an engaging environment which promotes communication, independence, physical, social & life skills and gives children a fun, exciting introduction to their education. All children experience a range of multi-sensory activities with a focus upon exploration and child initiated play.

Individual educational programmes (IEPs), which are designed for each child, are continually monitored and assessed in conjunction with therapists many of whom are based at school. Access to therapists is planned according to the additional needs of each child. Children within the class access a range of learning areas across the school including our sensory room, school hall, sensory integration room and hydrotherapy pool.

Parents are seen very much as partners and staff work closely with families to ensure children make excellent progress. The class has also developed strong links with a local pre-school who carry out regular integration visits to Ladybirds Class.

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