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Valley School recognise our parents and carers as primary educators of your child/children, after all you know them better than anyone else. This is why keeping in regular contact with you is vitally important as we share and celebrate your child’s small steps and giant strides at home and at school. Sharing information on a daily basis enables us to provide the best opportunities for your child and ensures that everyone involved with your child understands his or her needs, strengths and preferences. You know your child best and are their most knowledgeable advocate. Contact details can be found on the school website Contact Page [link]. These details can be used to communicate messages, share concerns or to seek advice from members of the Valley Team including our Therapists, School Nurse and Family Support Worker (Joanne Hibbert). If your contact details including phone or email change, please inform school immediately so our records can be updated.

Class Web Page – Each class has its own class page on the school website. Here you will find Curriculum Information about your child’s class are currently learning so you can support at home. Also on this page is also a link to ‘A Guide for Parents’ which contains information about the current topic and what your child will be learning this term. To view class pages, go to the school website and click on ‘Our Classes’

Dojo– This is an electronic system which is app based and can be accessed via phones or tablets. Class Teams use these to provide daily contact with families regarding the days activities and any information that needs sharing. Parents can also upload photos on here and can send the class team information about their child. Class specific information including photographs from class can be found on the Class Story page for your child’s class whilst general school information can be found on the School Story page of Dojo including upcoming events and resources. This electronic system has the advantage of translation opportunities. Dojo has replaced traditional paper based home-school diaries however if you feel you would prefer to have a paper based system, a home-school diary is available on request. Please ask the office or your child’s class teacher.

Telephone Messages for Class Staff – these can be left with the office staff, but class staff will only be able to return calls at the start or end of the day.

School Text Messaging System – The school has a text based messaging system to deliver messages to parents when required. This system is used to send reminders and additional information in the case of adverse weather conditions.

Home/School Transport – Passenger Transport Assistants, employed by the Local Authority, support your child on their journey to and from school however please remember it is not in their role to relay messages. Any messages for School Transport, including changes, should be communicated directly to Travel Coordination on 0161 7472504 or hereIf your child is poorly and unable to attend school, please contact the school office directly via telephone to inform us as outlined our school policy.

Annual Review Meeting & IEPs – Each year, or earlier if required, your child will have an annual meeting which reviews their Education and Health Care Plan. At this meeting you will have the opportunity, along with therapy teams and/or other professionals, to discuss your child’s progress and achievements. This is also an opportunity to plan any revised strategies and individualised targets to help your child in their development. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are reviewed three times a year and parents are consulted at these times with copies of reviewed and new IEPs being shared in November, February and June.

Parents’ Evenings – these are held twice a year to give you opportunities to discuss your child’s achievements and progress with class staff.

Letters – Letters are sent home on specific matters. These will be in your child’s bag. Please check daily.

Newsletters – The school celebrates achievements across the school in the termly school newsletter which is emailed out to parents at the end of term. Should you request a paper copy, please do not hesitate to contact the office. The newsletter is also available on the school website.

Social Media – You can now follow Valley’s Parent Support Facebook page. On this page we share regular updates of events and support in the Stockport area and beyond. For further information contact our Family Support Worker Joanne Hibbert for details.