As the use of the internet, whether on computers or tablets, is now such a significant component of all our lives, the need for E-Safety for our children is something that cannot be underestimated.

Whilst we have strict policies involving the close supervision of any of our pupils who access such technology at Valley School, we are well aware of how capable some of the children are in these areas. We do appreciate that it is increasingly difficult for parents and guardians to monitor every moment of their child’s online activity at home.

The following guides offer some excellent information and advice on the subject.


Parent Zone – parent guides for a wide range of apps and websites

OurPact – free parental control app 

Internet Safety Guide 2016

Instagram E-Safety Guide

Snapchat E-Safety Guide

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children offers equally useful resources in this area.  Click the text link below for a condensed summary or, alternatively, click on their logo to go to the relevant portion of their site.

NSPCC Online Safety



Additionally there is some excellent material over at InternetMatters.org


This site includes specific advice relating to social media. Click the link below to go directly to this.

Social Media Tips for Parents