Parent Feedback

Valley School Questionnaire for Parents and Carers – Feedback September 2020

Thank you to everyone who completed the annual questionnaire to parents and carers at the end of the last school year.

We will always value open and honest feedback from all parents/ carers at any time not just via the annual questionnaire.

The analysis of this questionnaire guides our School Improvement Plan for the new school year.

This particular school year has been an unusual one that has brought many challenges for children, staff and parent/carers.

Our annual evaluations have aimed to gain an insight into the different educational experiences and perceptions of support for families during this extraordinary year. Across Valley at Overdale and the Bramhall site we had a total of 32% return rate from parents/carers.

This is a summary of the responses:

Communications:  A high level of satisfaction was indicated with the highest percentage of responders saying that communication with school was exceptional.  Whether children were attending school or experiencing Educational outreach and support at home, all staff worked hard to maintain communication with all parents and carers and feedback indicated that the weekly check in phone calls, information sharing and support from school were valued.  Nearly half of responders said that they now use the Valley School face book page for information. Class Dojo has begun to play a large role in two way communications between school and home and feedback indicates that parents and carers appreciate the information, class photographs and videos featuring your children as much as school loves to receive them from you!

Teaching and Learning:  100% of parents/carers were in agreement that their child had access to a broad and balanced curriculum that sufficiently meets their child’s needs. Parents/carers were satisfied that Individual Education Programme are both appropriate and challenging.  All Parents/ carers felt that the staff team of teachers/ Teaching Assistants/ Nurse and therapists were working together in partnership to meet their children’s needs.

Parents commented that close two way communication between school and home has allowed them to use classroom strategies to support their child’s learning and challenging behaviour at home.

Family support:  It was reassuring to know that 100% of parents/carers feel supported by school and feel that they could ask school for help and support if they needed it. 

Joanne Hibbert, Family Liaison Worker, joined Valley School in March. Joanne is contactable on a daily basis at school.

We were absolutely delighted to learn that 100% of our parents/carers responding would recommend Valley school to other parents/carers.  

What we are going to do next

  1. Continue the high level of parent support including with the whole multidisciplinary team in the light of the restrictions due to covid-19
  2. Expand the use of Class Dojo to give parent/carers a wider insight / more information about their child’s learning in school


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