Home-School Books

At Valley, your child will be given a home-school notebook.  This is a key communication aid and way of sharing information daily about your child.

It provides information for key people that may be involved with your child such as therapists, the school nurse, transport and school.  There is space provided for you to write each day and for teachers to write to you about your child’s day.

Please read the information below which is also contained in the Home-School book.


Home/School Notebook

This is your child’s home/school notebook and it is a key method of communication between home and school.

At school we will endeavour to write in the book daily to:

  • Keep you informed about your child’s learning
  • Inform you about personal care, dinners etc.

From time to time,  therapists and other professionals may also communicate with you via messages in the book.

We woild like you as parents and/or carers, to use the book to keep us informed about:

  • Any issues that may affect your child in school e.g. not eaten breakfast,  not slept etc.
  • Any news that we can celebrate or share to communicate with your child e.g. family birthdays, trips out etc.
  • Ask for any additional information we may be able to help you with.

You can also contact school via email –


Or telephone 0161 439 7343