Euro 2016 Screening Gallery

At 2 o’clock on Thursday 16th June a large proportion of Valley School congregated in the hall to enjoy a special screening of one of the key early games of Euro 2016, the Group B match between England and Wales.  The children enjoyed an assortment of snacks (though the obligatory meat pie was conspicuous by its absence from the menu) and made themselves comfortable whilst the action unfolded on the big screen.

Due to time constraints, it was only possible to show the first half of the game, but our pupils created a wonderful atmosphere, waving their flags and cheering the players on.  There were one or two long faces (mostly staff ones) when Gareth Bale gave the Welsh the lead with his stunning free-kick, but by the time we’d all reached our respective homes England had triumphed.

Here’s a few pictures which capture the spirit of the occasion.