Valley School Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum at Valley has evolved over many years based on our collective experience of working with unique children with a diverse range of needs.  It is tried and tested but continues to be modified to meet the changing needs of the children.

Our curriculum covers aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage, National Curriculum and Curriculum for Children with Learning Difficulties and is carefully tailored to meet the needs of our learners.  It is the vehicle for the delivery of key skills in Communication and Interaction, Cognition, Independence and Self-Help, Social and Emotional and Physical and Sensory Development. 

Whist the overall curriculum is broad and balanced, it allows for a personalised approach linked to children’s own personal experiences and interests and it has a strong emphasis on lifeskills and preparation for life beyond Valley School.  Multicultural learning and British Values are embedded throughout the curriculum.

The curriculum is delivered through a topic based approach on a two year cycle, which develops across school and builds upon prior skills and knowledge.  There are some discrete lessons in PE, Language and Literacy, Maths and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  Children also have the opportunity to develop skills in ICT and Music throughout the curriculum.

Lessons are mainly delivered in repeated sessions which cover a half term block and children are given the opportunity to re-visit areas of learning as topics progress and they move through school.

We consider multi-disciplinary work central to the delivery of our curriculum and many lessons are taught using a sensory approach.

Through our curriculum, we strive to enable our children to be engaged, motivated and happy learners.  We aim for our children to become as independent as they can be in readiness for their next stage of education and beyond and develop firm foundations for future learning in a stimulating, rich and nurturing environment.  


Reading at Valley

At Valley we realise that it is essential that pupils have the prerequisite skills necessary for phonics, reading and writing. We know that success in Reading draws on a wide variety of related areas of learning including a rich experience of play, the development of listening and attention skills and equipping children with good communication skills. Reading learning takes place within a communication rich classroom environment.

Reading activities should be engaging and accessible and include the use of personalised reading materials drawing on individual’s special interests alongside access to books from the ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ reading scheme to motivate and engage any children working at this level. We are currently introducing the use of the ‘See and Learn’ Language and Reading  Development Programme which is a research based two strand approach – language development alongside reading. Where appropriate children follow systematic synthetic phonic approach including Letters and Sounds. At Valley we want all of our children to develop a love of reading through carefully structured, personalised opportunities which facilitates engagement with high quality literature including stories, songs and rhymes with tactile and visual materials used to convey meaning.  

For more information contact our CoHeadteacher Helen McLoughlin


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