All-New Nursery Photos

The Valley Nursery has always been a hive of activity.  From the moment the children arrive each day, they get straight into learning, creating and playing together.  Whether they’re letting their imaginations run wild in the small world area indoors or they’re busy outside on the recently-upgraded playground equipment… the childrens’ fun never stops.

If you’d like to see for yourselves just how exciting the Nursery can be, head on over to our redesigned Nursery page.  There’s a new photograph of the incredible outside space, plus two new galleries featuring a selection of the childrens’ artwork and the different areas all the learning takes place in.

Take a look at the picture below to see a glimpse of just how creative the children can be and then click on it to be transported into the magical world of the Valley Nursery.

nursery work montage



  • Calendar icon November 1, 2016
  • Category icon News

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