Admissions Policy

Valley School Admissions Policy – Reviewed 2017

Admissions to Valley Special School are determined by the Local Authority SEN section following consultation with the school.

The children who are admitted into the specialist nursery provision are likely to be assessed for an Education, Health and Care Plan during their time in the nursery.

Children admitted into Reception to Year 6 will most likely already have had their Special Educational Needs assessed and have a Statement or EHC Plan.

Parental involvement in the admissions process is important. Parent/Carers of prospective pupils are most welcome to visit the school. Please contact the Headteacher to make an appointment.

Appeals over admissions are dealt with by the Local Authority in accordance with the Department for Education School Admission Code 2014.

Admission arrangements to Valley School are made through the SEN Department at the Local Education Authority (LEA) – Tel: 0161 474 2525.